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One of the best ways to fight inequality in cities: zoning

Daniel Hertz examines the history of segregation in American housing policy and it’s ongoing implications for equity and affordability in this August 13, 2014 article in the Washington Post. Read the article here.

What We Don’t Know About Canada’s Housing Market Could Sink Us


Sunny Freeman of the Huffington Post examines the substantial gaps in Canadian housing market data and their implications for crafting effective housing policy in this Aug 7, 2014 article. Read the article here.

Oppenheimer Park occupation sends a message

Opinion: Oppenheimer Park occupation sends a message

Margot Young discusses intersections between homelessness, constitutional law, and Aboriginal land rights in light of the Oppenheimer Park tent circle in an August 6, 2014 Vancouver Sun opinion piece. Read the original article here.

When Poverty Makes You Sick, a Lawyer Can Be the Cure

Tina Rosenberg writes in the New York Times about the role of the legal system in improving social determinants of health, particularly regarding health and safety of rental and supportive housing. Read the July 17, 2014 opinion article here.

Shunting the Homeless From Sight

The Editorial Board of the New York Times writes on why local government needs to find more empathetic and effective approaches to addressing homelessness than criminalizing behaviour. Read the opinion piece here.