Fire Hall No.5 site to include Social Housing


The latest site to become approved for the development of social housing in Vancouver is Fire Hall No.5 in Champlain Heights, which was scheduled to be torn down until recently. Brenda Prosken, the City’s Community Services Mangager, has stated “it is our intention to construct an affordable housing facility above the fire hall. The site is well located across from a shopping centre and on an arterial [road] with accessible bus transportation, which makes it an optimal housing location.”

Fire Hall no.5 will join the likes of the recently developed market value units above the Mount Pleasant Community Centre (initiated under the Mayorship of Philip Owen), and the Vision-approved library for Strathcona, which will also have subsidized housing built above it.

The Globe reports:

“And just last month, the city announced that it was going to lease four sites to a consortium of non-profits for 99 years at no cost to get more affordable housing built in Vancouver. That group contributed $6-million of its own reserves.

“I think the success with those four sites has led the city to reconsider long-term leasing. We now know we can attract partners who can bring equity to the table,” [Vision Councillor Geoff] Meggs said.”

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