HJP Principal Margot Young interviewed

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Margot Young, one of the co-principal investigators of the Housing Justice Project, was interviewed yesterday morning by Rick Cluff of the Early Edition on CBC Radio. Margot, commenting on the HJP’s invite-only real estate industry forum on housing issues at SFU Woodwords, spoke after CBC’s polling of Vancouver renters who all voiced concern over the lack of affordable housing in the city. Margot spoke on the necessity of including real estate developers and landlords in the shaping the conversation of the future of affordable rental housing in Vancouver. Margot also touched on the existence of developers interested in the development of affordable housing, the City of Vancouver’s offered land-use incentives to developers, and the existence of an adequacy problem (inclusive of affordability) in the Vancouver housing market.

Find the clip here under November 26, 2013, starting from 1:51:40.