Introducing HJP Intern Oren Newson

Hello world!

I’m Oren, a 4th year International Relations major and Economics minor at UBC. I have specific research interests in political economy and public administration. I’m excited to be working as part of the Housing Justice Project this Summer – housing in Vancouver is an issue to which I have both a personal stake and interest, as a lifelong resident and one-time beneficiary of social housing. This Summer I’ll be acting as somewhat of a webmaster and blogger for the HJP. Most of the news articles you’ll see me post here are summaries, look for a link to their original source at the end of each post. Occassionally I’ll publish my own indepedently researched comments, please feel free to share them and use them if they are of interest to you. I can be contacted through

Thanks and I hope you enojy the content.