Penny Gurstein on a City-Wide Plan

Friday’s Vancouver Sun featured an op-ed by Penny Gurstein, one of the co-principle investigators of the Housing Justice Project.  In it, she emphasizes Vancouver’s need for a city-wide plan to manage growth in the city.  Unlike other municipalities, Vancouver is not mandated to have an official community plan.  The absence of such a plan, argues Gurstein, has led to piecemeal rezonings, uncertainty in the planning process, and a lack of focus on creating a just city.  Vancouver’s success was built upon creative public engagement processes such as City Plan, now over twenty years old.  “A city-wide plan could be the start of a much needed dialogue on what such a just community would entail, and how planning could address the equitable and sustainable allocation of resources and growth within our city, and beyond its boundaries.”

Read the full article here: The Vancouver Sun