Peter Wall Institute to exhibit “19th Birthday”

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The Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies, a partner of the Housing Justice Project, is exhibiting the youth-created multimedia project “19th Birthday”, presented by the Housing Matters Media Project (see post below).

The multimedia art exhibit — entitled “The 19th Birthday Party” — opened Monday at the university’s Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies. It allows visitors to sit at the table of a 19th birthday party where every spot offers a digital story told by a former child in care.

About 700 foster children turn 19 each year in B.C. In recent interviews with The Vancouver Sun, many argued the age of support should continue until at least 21, or as high as 25, so they have more time to build stable lives.

Academic studies have shown that supporting these youth for a few more years can drastically increase their odds of success, and ultimately decrease the burden on taxpayers by reducing their reliance on social services.

To see the films screened in the exhibit, see the post below. To read the original article, click here.