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Working with a community of 10 youth who have media skills, community engaged media artists Patti Fraser and Corin Browne, with support from project partners The Housing Justice Research Project at UBC, led by Drs. Penny Gurstien and Margot Young, the Housing Matters Media Project collaboratively created a series of media works responding to the lack of affordable, adequate and safe housing in the Lower mainland. Watch the films below!


  1. To mentor a community of youth in the practice and art of community engaged media production:
  2. To create an opportunity for participants to first critically examine, and then artistically articulate the complexities and cultural importance of their perspectives with the aim of initiating creative responses to the housing crisis:
  3. To create a series of short digital videos that will be used in a variety of settings; public screenings, community dialogues, conferences, and other media events;
  4. To facilitate the potential formation of a group of informed youth housing advocates
  5. To explore the potential of social media platforms for media dissemination and public engagement


For more information on the Housing Matters Media Project, please click here.