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Funding for this project has been provided by the Peter Wall Solutions Initiative (PWSI), which strives to enable UBC faculty members to address issues of societal importance through innovative, interdisciplinary and academically rigorous research projects.

UBC researchers will engage with end-users or community partners to develop innovative research solutions that can be adopted by those end-users or other target communities.

Areas of investigation may include environmental challenges, language and literacy, social networking, sustainability, health care delivery, poverty alleviation, human trafficking, population health and wellness, or any other innovative solution to current problems in any discipline.

The PWSI focuses on practical solutions to societal problems. Where a feasible solution already exists, the project may work to resolve outstanding issues preventing the implementation or adoption of the existing solution. Projects must demonstrate active participation and engagement from a targeted end-user or community. They will be actively managed for achievement of specified milestones, and will be monitored semi-annually. 

 The PWSI is funded by the Peter Wall Endowment to UBC and is a pilot program of the Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies.

For more information, please contact the PWSI Program Manager at