This Week in Housing News: Vancouver Loses Development Court Case

Emery Barnes Park land swap with developer, City of Vancouver thrown out by courts

In a high-profile decision, the BC Supreme Court ruled that the City of Vancouver did not adequately inform the public regarding a land swap deal which would have resulted in the creation of social housing units in Yaletown.  The full decision can be found here.  (CBC)


Micro-condos promoted as ‘affordable luxury’

How small are you willing to go for affordability?  A new style of micro-condo units in a concrete tower in Surrey are being marketed as an affordable way for buyers to enter the housing market.  The units feature unique space-saving strategies like fold-out beds and smaller appliances.  (CBC)


What’s so smart about unaffordable housing?

Is there a trade-off between dense, “smart” cities and affordability?  The recent Demographia survey ranking Vancouver as the second most unaffordable housing market in the world suggests that anti-sprawl measures such as the Agricultural Land Reserve are driving up prices, to the detriment of livability and young people.  (Globe & Mail)